Jewelry - picture 2

Made by hands.
With love.
Of polymer clay.
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Black poppy flower Earrings.
Elagant and stylish earrings with black poppy flowers.
Hand made of polymer clay. Water resistant.
Jewelry - picture 3

Here is an example of fake spirals earrings.
Push Backs locking mechanism. Handmade fake ear stretchers of polymer clay with painting and metal. These fancy earrings are fixed on your earlobes as usual stud earrings and give you the look of a stretched ear.
Jewelry - picture 4

Earrings fake earstretchers "Alien". Handmade fake earstretchers of polymer clay and metal. Are fixed on earlobes as usual stud earrings. Each piece looks like you actually have stretched / gauged ears.
Jewelry - picture 5

Each piece is hand made.
To secure the earring in your ear, the thin post in the front of the earring is inserted into a tiny, self-locking hole at the back of the earring. The earrings are removed by simply pulling the post out of the hole.
Jewelry - picture 6

Pink Gerberas set.
Very romantic and nice set of light pink earrings and ring. Hand made of polymer clay. Water resistant. Adjustable size.
Jewelry - picture 8

Charming pendant with little bird.
Hand made of polymer clay, handpainting and metal elements.
picture of different pieces of bijouterie made by me

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