Double stroller

the main view of the stroller design project

Designing a stroller for two kids
that can transform into two run bikes and two baby chairs.
This is my graduation project from the university.
the picture of the idea of the design project

The idea of the project was to prolong the lifetime of a double stroller.
Genetally double strollers are more expencive than single but their lifetime is the same. They are used untill children can go by themselves, so mostly just 2-3 years. After that double stroller are useless.
But they have a base of 4 wheels and also 2 seats!
So my idea was to make the stroller multifunctional and transformable reusing these consistuent units.
functionality research for the design project

The functionality research has been made.

And many, many sketches and prototypes.
Untill the final form has been found.
different positions of the stroller

Stroller can be used in different sitations because of the different seating arrangements. Small rotating wheels ahead - increases maneuverability.
Big wheels ahead - can be useful in the parks and gravel roads. Seats are independently reversible and multipositions.
the main view of the stroller

Seats have adjustable 5-points harnesses and footrests for maximal safety and comfort. The fabric can be washed in 40 degrees. Leage surfaces can be used foe children's creations: they can draw on it or stick on it. Under the seats there is a large and easy-to-access storage basket.
the main view of the bikes

Two run bicykles (without pedals) are intended for kids 2+ years old. They have adjustable seats and handlebars.
the main view of the chairs

The idea to incluse baby chairs in the project came last. I wanten to use not only the wheelbase but also the stroller's seats. Chairs are multipositions and can be used by babies 0+ years old.
constituent units of the designed double stroller

So the scheme of consistuent units looks like this.
the stroller in the dark

The stroller is huge and that's why it was important to make it extra safe in the darkness. I designed the fluorescent edges and front LED light.
the picture me during my graduation

And that is me telling all that during my graduation :) back...